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Practical OKRs workshop

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Months after its introduction in a company, OKRs often remain a theoretical concept that teams struggle to practically use and benefit from. In this context, OKRs creation becomes a last minute end of quarter endeavor, constructive OKR reviews don’t take place and all planning is done in isolation. 

Our goal is to help you unlock the true value of OKRs so you leave with a better practical understanding of the topic. In these workshops, apart from sharing our experience, we will facilitate small group discussions between participants so that you can also learn from your peers in the industry. 

Who is this for? Since this will be mainly tech oriented, the workshop will be beneficial to anyone in product, engineering and design who have used OKRs for many months and would like to 1) better understand how to practically use it or 2) up-level your current OKR practice.     

Interested in these workshops? 

We will build workshops that make sense to you. Please signal your interest by filling the form and letting us know about any workshop topic (eg, product strategy, OKRs, etc.) and problems you would like us to tackle. We can also design bespoke workshops for your team.

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